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The wonderful new site is http://www.timetocycle.org/

You should check it out.


Climate Change and the bicycle – References

and how the transport mode of the past is becoming the transport mode of the future…

Transport contributes almost a fifth of our greenhouse gas emissions and is one of the key areas we can reduce our impact on the environment. Cycling and active transport are fundamental for the UK to transition to sustainability.

Please join our Facebook group to continue campaign for cycling and a transition to a sustainable future.

We want to make sure that all the work we’ve put in to the preparations for the 7th March protest is also used going forwards, so we’re looking for anyone who would like to get involved with the campaign – please let us know if that could be you!

We also want to build up a knowledge base and compelling case for the need to put cycling first to save the climate. Here are some of the references we’ve found online and we’d really appreciate any links/references you think would help us with this:

Going forwards we will keep pushing cycling up to the election and beyond – for the benefit of people and planet!

Thanks for everyone’s support so far and going forwards.

Thanks and photos!


Huge thanks to everyone who came today and made it a great demonstration. Now we need to share and tell people and if anyone knows any journalists…

Here are links to photos from today – please let us know about yours in the comments and we will add a link!

How the UK will get it’s cycle paths…

Cycling is an essential part of making our transport system cleaner, healthier, safer and more sustainable. But in order to get more people using their bikes regularly we need cycle lanes and paths which enable people of all ages and abilities to cycle in safety.

Making our roads truly cycle friendly won’t be done in one year, but right now we can begin a process which will benefit us for decades to come. Not only is this possible, it is also practical, effective and affordable.

A total transformation of a road network is possible and here’s an inspiring video from the Netherlands showing how it can and has been done. A country which was car dominated in the 1970s is now the best place on earth to ride a bicycle.

I hope this inspires you to know that change is possible and our campaigning can help the UK transition to a sustainable transport system. It’s now time to make that a reality, it’s now time to cycle!

Time To Cycle – Five reasons to join us!

Time To Cycle Collage


Bikes are great for the environment (and in so many other ways too!).  On the 7th March the Time To Act climate protest is marching to Parliament and the Bike Bloc is there to represent cycling. Here are five reasons you should get involved:

  1. Lead the Time To Act protest to Parliament and make sure the Bike Bloc makes a big impression. Promote cycling as a solution to our unsustainable, unhealthy, polluting and expensive transport network.
  2. Tell our politicians we demand action on climate change!
  3. Cycling is essential for the UK to make the transition to sustainable transport, but many people don’t feel safe cycling on our roads – demand our roads are re-planned to provide safe space for cycling
  4. Be part of an international movement building the momentum in the run up to Paris 2015.
  5. Meet loads of lovely people on bikes and have a great time 🙂 It’s going to be really sunny and warm…

If you’re on Facebook please invite your friends :Time To Cycle!  (and for the ones without wheels here’s the pedestrian version: Time To Act). You can also share on twitter using #TimeToCycle.

What are your reasons for joining?